Anti-cables Performance Series Level 2

I have owned the classic anti-cables from time to time in the past. I liked much of what they did, but I did think they were just a little too forward in the upper mids. While this may have been system dependant or my personal hearing traits, I haven't used them in quite a while.

My days of super expensive cables (and gear) have been over for some time. I have a modest (by high end standards) system and I am always looking for inexpensive ways to make noticable improvements to the sound.

I recently switched to a set of Sunfire CRM2 monitor speakers with ribbon tweeters. They are very detailed yet very very smooth. Actually, I thought they were a little too smooth, so I thought I would give the new L2 anti-cables a try; obviously, there is nothing to lose with a money back guarantee.

Wow. I had been using a set of Supra 3/4S which are very nice sounding. But the Level2 anticables are significantly better in my system. I was looking for a more lively sound, what I got was a 'you are there' presentation, literally more detail from recording with no hardness or etch. And this performance with the cables coming straight out of the box. I was able to move the speakers further apart and yet have a stronger center fill and a bigger soundstage. Ambience cues are now easily heard.

I can't report on the deep bass response as the Sunfire's are crossed over to powered subs at 100Hz (by design).

I'll report back after a week or two of break-in.

10' pair $120

Highly Recommended.

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Sunfire CRM-2
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I'm glad your enjoying the level 2's.I recently purchased a 10' foot pair for my 8060-st deftechs and I am very pleased with what my towers sound like now.Movies,music...I simply can't get enough now.The detail I now hear is a vast improvement from what I was using before.
That's great to hear about the level 2's ! I jumped in a few weeks ago and bought the reference level 3 set and think they are just wonderful sounding wires and are still at a bargain price.

I also found that they sound best when I support them off the floor, it makes a big difference in my set.....

Happy listening :-)
I had a similar experience a few years ago. Originally used AC's entry level speaker cable in my first 2-channel system and liked them. Long story short, I sold the system because I had to move but a few years later settled back down and got back into 2-channel. Was using some silver coated cables and just out of boredom ordered the newer 2.1 AC's. WOW! My jaw hit the floor. The soundstage practically doubled in scale and it was so dynamic. I ordered the 3.1's shortly after and they were even better. Then I went nuts and had Paul build a special double pair of 3.1's finished with a heavy duty spade. These are not bi-wire cables. They are 2 sets of 3.1's finished into 1 set of spades. OMG! They are amazing. Like 3.1's on steroids. However, very stiff and heavy. The first pair actually disintegrated a "heavy duty" set of bananas we tried due to the strain/weight of the cable as soon as I plugged them in. So Paul sourced the spades and sent them back to be retermed. They've worked great. Unfortunately, I moved again and the cables are a bit too short (they're 7 feet). I've been trying some other cables but I still have them. I can say that I've spent 2x more on other cables and I can't say they're better. If anyone is interested you can post and I may be willing to sell my custom pair since I don't think I'll be using them anytime soon, but I may order another longer pair at some point. Cheers.