Anti Cables opinions

I'm looking for some honest feedback on these anti-cables.

I'm not into spending bazillions on speaker cables. Anyone BTDT?

Anyone have these anti cables and can offer an opinion?

Basically my system is 845 based SET with 104 db horns.

Thanks for any replies!
Is it me, or does no one use the search function anymore?

Just for starters...

Speltz Anti Cables

Paul Speltz speaker cables

Speltz Anti-cable needs break-in period?

ANTI-CABLES by Paul Speltz: Anyone Using Them?
i use magnet wire in my setup. i didn't buy the "anti-cable" brand, mainly because it is only 12 guage magnet wire with terminations. the wire sells for about $3 per pound, give or take. there's no way i was going to pay $10 per foot, that's insane. i actually prefer it to most of the cables i've used--for the price, all of them. my other wires are currently mit terminator 2 biwires. they have magnet wire in them, but to me don't sound quite as open as the straight magnet wire. i also made jumpers out of the excess. far and away better than the stuff that came with the speakers. do yourself a favor--go to an electrical supplier and pick up the wire yourself, buy some screw on terminations and make your own. if you don't like them, it won't set you back more than $20 for the whole setup.
Where does one find magnet wire and what distinguishes magnet wire from other wire?
Stvncar...How do you keep the magnet wire tidy? Twist it together? Wire ties at one foot intervals? Can you really trust the enamel insulation?
The Anti-cables are excellent and barely ousted my $1800 bi-wired set of cables. At $60 for a 6 ft. pair they are IMO the best buy.

Speltz' Anti-ics sound even better than the Anti-cables. The XLR version was $100 a pair for a 1 meter pair. The Anti-ics made my $4700 ics sound veiled and bloated in comparison.

you can get magnet wire at electrical suppliers, on the web at many places, and if you have a shop locally that repairs electric motors, they should have an abundance of it.
Here you go...cryo'ed magnet wire....
If you want inexpensive highend solid core I seriously suggest you try a pair of ELF Audio Super Helix speaker cables.They are the same price as the Anti-cables but use better solid core OCC copper conductor's and much better termination's.They have bettered cables costing upwards of $1000.00 easy in my system.A friend of mine has the Paul Speltz Anti-cables and we did a head to head shootout and we both agreed that the ELF Audio Super Helix sounded better on all count's.Ernest is great to deal with and offer's a 30 day money back return policy.His website is
I talked to Lee about his cryo'd magnet wire and he told me that his Cryo-Max cables was a lot better! but he not making any more at this time
to Eldartford:
i have no problem with the enamel coating, it works fine. the only thing i did after a few months was to run the cable through some clear plastic tubing, mostly for cosmetic reasons, although it does keep dust off. i got the tubing at home depot--it is in the plumbing section.