Anti Cables and Are They That Good

Hello everyone,

I've recently been on a quest to find the "Best powe cord for the buck".So far the pc that has impressed me the most is a Shunyata Taipan Helix.Ive seen a Black Mamba cx on the used Canadian market for $500.00 which will probably beat the Helix.But recently I've been looking into a Level 3 Anti Cable.From what I've read so far,is that they are as good as Shunyata! Plus they do have a money back garanteed if I'm not satisfied.I also forgot to mention that I ordered a Cardas Golden pc.But if I'm not pleased with the results on my gear,I'll simply put it up for sale?Does anybody out there have any experience with Level 3 Anti Cables, or any other Anti Cables?

Any feedback would be highly welcomed.
Depends on the system. The original Anti Cables didn't work for me but many others have had excellent results.
It all depends on the ancillary gear and the listener as to if they are that good.
I've only heard the original Anti Cables, and while I did think they were good bang for the buck, I felt they could be bettered for not a whole lot more $$$. That was many years ago, before level 2 or 3 existed. I've never been tempted to try any of the other levels. As always, YMMV.
I have anticables level 3 speaker and level 3 analog interconnect cables, and yes, they are very good. My friend has the USB cable, and it is also excellent. I've also tried their level 3 power cord, but I didn't like it as much. I hooked it up to my dac, but didn't really like the sound (may be because it hasn't been broken in yet). Have you considered Voodoo power cord? I have their new Mojo power cord and liked it since day one.
No I've never tried Voodoo power cords.Ill investigate them.
Clear Day Cables worked great for me. With a 100 hours of break in they really created sweet highs and solid base. All at a great price too.