Anti-Cable Power Cables

I just noticed the power cables are being released in small numbers.Paul doesn't have pics up yet but what are your thoughts on them and the prices?Anyone debating on trying them?If you do please report back with the performance.I want to try them once my funds allow.

Power Cords
Why not. It's a great business with a huge profit margin...
I use his cables (not power) in my secondary system (Quads, Jadis, Atma pre) The sound is excellent. Paul does not sell snake oil. I would suppose, that his PCs are just as good and as well thought out as the rest of his offerings.
what well thought out product are we talking about? The speaker cables are nothing more than magnet wire.
ICs, Schipo. don't know what you're talking about. Years ago Anti-Cables were magnet wire, but they are not can even get silver cables. They are cutting edge. Check out their website/or talk to Paul.
Schipo --

I don't believe it's far off claiming most of the "hifi" cable industry is "a great business with a huge profit margin...," or at least that most manufacturers aspire to it. What seems commendable is how Mr. Speltz with his product is fairly transparent in what he wants and how to get there, and that this approach in it's simplicity and earnestness, and relative affordability, rubs some people the wrong way. Why should his product take a heavier beating, let alone as much as cable manufacturers that promote excess in the use of materials, marketing babble and prices without necessarily being able to warrant their progressive "machinery" herein with a truer sonic result? I'm saying 'truer' because what does "better" mean anyway if not guided by and grounded in some kind of reference in real-life sounds(read: acoustic instruments and voices in real space)?

Construction and philosophy-wise I'm not saying simple is necessarily always better, but one of the real "scoops" with Speltz' cables, to my ears, is the bare-bones approach with the use of solid-core wires, which I'm sure many audiophiles detest using because of their stiffness and that they're more prone to break(though this in all practicality would require hard use and almost deliberate effort to cause); making me wonder why these considerations would be so prevailing, if they are of course, in the light of sonic importance? - the obvious answer for some may be because solid-core wires doesn't make a difference for the better, but I'd wager (the mere thought of) the impracticality of their use weighs more heavily in the minds of some audiophiles.

Different setups and acoustics taken into account what has always struck me is the (same) sonic superiority of solid-core wires over stranded dittos in regards to them revealing the truer signature of real-life instruments and voices, and so I have no issues investing in more absolute terms in this kind of oppinion. I've also never found heavy use of shielding/casing in speaker- and power cables to yield better sonics, on the contrary, further cementing my grounds in defence of Speltz' cable philosophy.