Anti-Cable Level 3 spker cable: Improved or same?

Paul Spletz's Anti-cable Level 3 has been on the market for almost 2 years. There is even a short video about it on the "New Record Day" blog, but it is not very helpful

Anti-Cable has been doing a shit load of advertising since AG launched the new format. Therefore, can current owners of Anti-cable Level 3 speaker cable provide some useful comments based on their experience and use.

Is this just another budget cable, or a solid competitor as a high-end cable killer. I have been recommended Purist Audio Design's new line, the model being the "Genesis" which is second from bottom of the series. Also, many have recommended Kimber Kable's 8TC or 12VS ( slightly less money than the TC-12) Thanks to all for their comments and advice.
I had been an Anticable user for about 3 years. Figured there had to be something significantly better sounding out there as the cable doesn't have much involved in making one. I used over 6 different cables but always came back to the Anticables in my system--they just sounded more like live. The most expensive cable I ventured into listed for about $1500. Then I tried MG Audio Planus III ribbon cables and that was the first time I heard something much better. It was a big leap in sound quality from anything prior. I also think the Amadi Maddie Signature silver cables are excellent also. You might be able to get them for a very reasonable cost still. I have VMPS RM 40 speakers that are very revealing along with a Modwright 5400 cd/sacd, a tweaked out Lenco turntable with Origin Live arm and Soundsmith Shelter 501 Mk II, Edge amp, and Audible Illusions 3A pre. All ICs are Darwin Silver, Ascension, and Ascension Plus. The Reference 3 Antis are a little better in the bass than the standard antis--not much of a step up. The difference between the Antis and either cable I mentioned is major in my book.
DW, Goddamn, that is a beautiful system you have put together. I appreciate your honest evaluation of the Anti Level 3 speaker cables.

I keep getting recommendations from AG members, I have to admit for SC's I never heard of. I will track down both brands you mentioned. The Amandi MS silver cables may not be a good choice for the Acoustic Zen Adagios which can sound a tad bright; other than that, it is a great sounding, and underrated speaker in the present audio market. Thanks for the advice and recommendations
Thanks for the system comment, SJ. I love the sound of this system. The Darwin cables, starting with the Silver, were just way better than anything I've had in my system. They don't sound bright, but are very revealing and alive sounding. I think you'd love the MG Planus III SCs. I have the copper ones and they were a similar jump in performance to the Darwins. They are not bright but very dynamic and revealing. They are pretty expensive. I bought mine from an Agoner for $900 with the Planus III jumper cables. The SCs are a little longer than 6 ft. They make an 8 ft. pair that are $400 more list price. VMPS ribbon speakers are very revealing and the combo of ICs with the SCs are dynamic, beautiful sounding, transparent and with great bass performance. I bought the MGs on a recommendation from several owners who have different speakers and systems that all said the same thing--they transformed the system!!! I agree. Mine was already sounding very good before.
SunnyJim.....I've had way too many cables and have come to AntiCables because of their non-sound of their own. I really like Purist cables, but they really change the sound .....make MY system sound much more like tubes....rollled highs, lots of smoothing of the sound. I can understand people really liking Purist....I got tired of their house sound and returned to Anti's which in MY system just tells it like it is. Every level of Anti's is better than the one before it....not that they sound different...only that they let more of the nuances of the music through. Their top of the line was it is copper clad silver....which takes a certain very, very mild up tip away. Whose to say what is really right....
By the way SunnyJim.....I just changed out my wall electrical outlets for Maestro's ...and amazing upgrade in sound. Try one....if you don't like it you can return it...(not affiliated with the company)
Stringreen, I have heard pros and cons about the Anti Cable speaker cable. A few members have made the same claims as you about their neutrality of sound. That is always important, possibly most important, but I have been searching for a cable that is richly "musical", or highly musical. The Audio Arts SC-5 which I use is good, but lacks that richness or bloom of (I guess) the best cables; BTW, I hate that word "bloom"

The "Maestro" outlets I would try, but I am a renter, though the owner of the property is so dumb, I could have probably slide at least one past him. Thanks for the info about Purist Audio Design, there was a dealer offering a 25% discount which seemed both great and suspicious. nevertheless, rounding off the highs often is OK, and smoothing out things at the possible expense of detail or musicality is a questionable benefit.
DW, First, I could not find anything about Amadi Maddie Signature speaker cable, except a pop-up asking for my e-mail address so they could send daily updates. I fear this company or garage assembly is no more. Should you have a link, address or even a phone number for them, please post it. Unfortunately, MG Planus III look too expensive, though I did not study their website carefully and was scared away by the number "$6000" I will check it again. Thanks guys for the input
Find any ad on Agon for Amadi cables--often in the auctions. Then just send Philip (George) a question. The Maddie Signature is his top of the line. I assure you he's in business and that is how I got to try them. The MG Planus III copper 6 ft. sell for $1500. Keep an eye out for those selling used--some owners move up to the silver at $3000 for 6 ft.
Philip has 3 ads in Agon right now for the Amadi cables. Use the Agon system to contact him in writing about trying out the cables. The Maddie Signatures are his top of the line, followed by the Phil Ref, and then the Barb Masters. The power cords are supposed to sound very good. Hope this is helpful. He's located in New Jersey.
I would love to hear the reference 3 anti speaker cables after being cryoed. I bet it would take them to another level.
I really wish you would use proper English instead of all the swearing.
I have or have had mostly all of the Anti-Cables and their iterations. The highest level speaker cable is really a shotgunned pair of their lesser denoted cable. The very latest interconnect is a silver covered copper, which sounds slightly less bright, but both are excellent.
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I really wish you would use proper English instead of all the swearing.

Swearing is English.
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Or French....