Anti-Cable IC's vs. Signal Cable IC's

I'm looking for some feedback on these IC's. If you have tried both or even just one I would like to hear what you thought of them. Thanks

This would be from 1-14-09
I still use Frank's Signal analog 2 interconnects. I use the upgraded model with the eichmann bullet RCA's and I think they can't be beaten for the money. You could do better if you want to spend more money, of course.
I can offer you my thoughts on interconnects, but I don't know how useful they will be to you. You really do need to take a chance and try some out and gauge from there if you like the sound or not, assuming that you can easily discern a difference. None of this is meant to be condescending, it's just that you need to live with the IC's, see how they interact with your other components, and then judge if they work for you or not.

If you look at my systems, I have good performing equipment which is in the budget to mid-level price ranges. My cable choices have stayed put over the last few years. I use QED Silver Anniversary speaker cables throughout with IXOS Silver Gamma and Better Cables Silver Serpent ICs with my tube equipment and Signal Cables Silver Resolution ICs with my solid state equipment. It took some trial and error to get here, but it was the only way to get here.

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I have tried the Anti-cable speaker cables and IC's, and the Signal Cable Silver Resolution IC cables w/ silver bullets. I found the Anti-cables to be outstanding, and the Signal cables mediocre, at best. That was just my experience, in my system. YMMV.
I just bought a pair of Anticables interconnect with the Eichmann Copper bullet plug.
I had before, Qed Silver spiral, Transparent Musiclink plus, LAT IC 200, all good cables, but the Paul Speltz IC are just completly what i knew i could ear from my system since i have it. My quest to nirvana is now over. They are way up of anything you could imagine. Lots, lots of details, airy transparency and soudstage. I Can't wait to ear what they will sound in a couple of weeks. You have a 30 days money back warranty. My system is Audioanalogue Puccini Settenta and CD player Paganini 192/24. I'm blown away every time i'm listening music since a week and that just bring a smile on my face every time.
Try it!!