Anti-Cable IC's

I'm looking for feedback or opinions about these.
Depends on your system. They didn't work in mine, but they work in systems much costlier than mine.
search the archives. this subject has been discussed extensively
I love them. Biggest soundstage I've had w/any interconnect and I tried a lot. Very nice top end w/ no edge. The only silver cable I've had that was this way. I'm a fan of unshielded cables. Their best is not listed on the site. It's bare silver w/cotton sleeve for the + and uses silver Eichmanns. I have tried all his versions from the first. To me they work best on warmer systems.

YMMV is certainly the word with unshielded cables. Where RFI is not strong they can really be nice, in other cases they can be horrible.

Anti-Cables are the best that I have ever tried. I have had all the very high priced spread, but Anti-Cables beat them all.
I use several pairs of balanced anti-IC's. They have worked great and never bested by others I have evaluated. As others have stated, it is really system-dependent.