Anthony Wilson, Frogtown--a great new music release

I highly recommend this release for both its sonics (outstanding) and musical content.  I've been accused of being stuck in the past, as about 70% of my listening is to music that was release before 2000.  

This album is superb.  It has something for all of the different musical-taste-hats that I wear.  It is one part jazz, one part folk, one part singer songwriter, with touches of rock and world music.   The sonics are stellar--right up there with the best records that I have (which is really saying something)--and the music itself is really fresh while borrowing from many genres.  

I wish that I could write better tag lines because I'd do so to encourage others to check it out for their own benefit and the artist's.  

I'm listening on vinyl. 
Thanks for the heads up jb.  It's on Tidal and I've saved it to My Favorites for later listening.   

Thanks, Anthony (LOL).
Yeah, Fremer reviewed it highly, I bought it sometime last year. Very good recording.