Anthony Gallo Reference3: Loose Speaker Globe

Hello, I'm looking for some sound advice. I have a pair of Anthony Gallo Reference3 speakers that have been sitting in the same spot for a couple of years. I went to move them for the first time, and noticed that one of the two speaker globes (ie. One of the two, round, 'silver' colored speaker balls) on one of the towers is loose. The sound does not appear to be effected by this loose globe, I just think it's something that I should tighten; in order to keep it from becoming a problem down the road. Can any of you offer advice for how to tighten the speaker to the tower's upright section? If it's something I can do, I'd like to give it a try, instead of going through the hassel of shipping this in for the repair. Looking forward to reading your suggestions.
I'd contact Gallo before doing anything else. I just checked mine, and the back panel is obviously held on by umpteen allen head bolts, but I don't know what's behind it or whether the mid-tweeter assembly is accessible from back there.
Good luck and keep us informed -- I may need to know sometime :-)
Dave 'Dopogue', thanks for the quick response. Yes, I saw all of those allen-head bolts and it really made me cringe. Chuckle! Since I just posted the question today, I'm going to wait a couple of days, just to see if anyone responds with some first-hand experience with a similar issue. Yes, I'll definitely keep you posted. You know, I guess I'm still kind of 'stumped' as to what caused it to loosen. As I mentioned in my initial write-up; they've been sitting in the same spot/untouched for a few years. Odd....., really odd!
I tried to fix mine. The back is obviously not meant to be removed. I am open to suggestions also.
Come to think of it, I did open one of mine -- years ago -- to tighten the nut on one of the speaker connectors. You do have to be careful not to break any of the speaker wiring down there or mess with the speaker damping material inside the "spine" of the speaker.