Anthony Gallo Micro Ti or Adiva Ti for music?

I listened to the Micro Ti and for the first time I considered satellite speakers for myself...
They really dissapear in front of you preserving all the thin layers of music and micro-dynamics, even if sensible to xover and sub adjust.

How do you guys rate these for music listening?
Music is my priority and other options are Quad 11L or the new awesome Monitor Audio RS1.

To be paired with a BK or REL sub... (any of them).

I geuss no one believes in the little Gallos balls for music...
I've recently (w/in 3 months) purchased 5 A'diva Ti's w/a TR-1 sub (stainless steel units, black sub). Beautiful sound and blows away any Bose systems I've heard. They get better after about 200 hours of play. Can really be pumped up w/o too much distortion and really look top shelf...

Buy these if you can get a good deal on 'em.
I think the lack of enthusiasm for the micro style speakers is probably because many people are so enthusiastic about audio that they can't imagine compromising on sound to the extent of buying such small speakers.
There are some situations where you absolutely need small speakers, and the Gallo Micro (and now the Micro Ti) line is a nice solution. I'm considering them for use with my computer since I do spend several hours in front of my computer, and while I'm currently using Sennheiser headphones and a headphone amp, I'd like to be able to listen to speakers while using the PC and everything in the PC audio space seems totally horrible to me, so I'm investigating a Gallo micro based setup for my PC. The A'Diva extends lower than the Micro, and would have slightly more heft.
When choosing a subwoofer (and a subwoofer IS required if you want any realism in the music) you'll want one that sounds good all the way upto 100hz for seamless integration with the Gallos - the REL should be a good candidate.
I personally prefer the Adiva Ti, as it goes a bit lower than the Micro Ti which integrates better with the sub.

I acquired the line based on how the Adiva Ti's sound reproducing good old fashioned two-channel.