anthony gallo av reference vs usher be 718

While i realise they are very different speakers I am looking aboth as replacements for my current set up.
I havea harmon kardon av 635 av receiver driving Jamo studio art and jamo centre speaker with an infinity subwoofer with 8 in driver .
Initially I was looking at a separate stereo set up with the ushers and a cayin 88t integrated amp which Iheard together sounding great .
However I am also looking at the Anthony Gallo as my current location is on a wall with a shelf on either side of the speakers
According to the Gallo literature they are designed to work well against a wall,while the ushers wouls probably need stand mounting and as such woulkd be more intrusive in my room
1 as pure stereo speakers do the gallo stack up against the usher if driven by harmon kardon amp or the cayin?
2 how will the gallo sound wall mounte d but with a shelf by their side ?
The plan would be to get matching centre speaker in brand chosen
Are you looking to buy new or used? Gallo is replacing the AV-Reference with the Strata, and the Strata is a superior speaker. I have no personal experience with the Ushers so can't comment to how they'd compare.
I owned 2 pair of gallo's. It was the worst speaker purchase I have ever made. I cant believe all the buzz on these speakers a few years back. I can think of many speakers, even under 1k Id rather own.
What are the speakers you would rather own? Curious as I am in the process of upgrading speakers and the Gallos are on my shortlist.
If you like chalk on a chalkboard, the BE718 is for you.

I have no financial interest in either product.
Just because Mr. Sthomas does not like the Gallo's doesn't necessarily mean they are bad speakers. Different strokes for different folks.

Id buy Paradigm studio 100's before Id go Gallo. Found them harsh in midrange, they couldnt be driven very hard, and the soundstage was very low. I messed with placement forever, and even bought a secod used pair to see if they just needed broke in. Luckily, I was able to get the money I paid back out of them.

There is a pair of Martin Logan Ascent i's for $1500. I have owned those, and if you have the room, they are in another league then the gallo's. I realize Im being harsh on the gallo's, but its because I was very very let down by there sound. They look cool and take up little space, Ill give them that.
I will grant that the Gallo 3.1's do not sound pleasant during the first 20-80 (give or take) hours of initial break-in and the Gallo folks actually admit that. The whole break-in period takes around 120-150 hours and that is at consistently very loud volumes. All of a sudden everything will just pop into place and you will hear one of the best imaging and most transparent speakers out there. Regarding image height well they are only 3 feet tall. I sit down when I listen to music so stage height is fine for me. I suppose they would not be considered party speakers but they do carry more than enough volume for my taste and my neighbors taste. That is all I have to say on the Gallo's.

I love electostatic/planar speakers and I would like to go to them but they just overwhelm a room unless you have a pretty big room. I live in a condo in downtown Boston so space is at a premium.

Regarding the Ushers 6 Moons is a big fan and I don't discount their reviews. They are a big reason I gave the Gallo's a shot.
Bill are you projecting that this well acknowledged speaker are untenable ? That is remarkable considering the many favorable opinions on this product. Are you sure you are amping them properly. I know you are very successful and knowledgeable within this industry. Maybe your just missing something here. Such a caustic fare for such a reputable company.