Anthem vs Arcam

I have the mrx700, Dali ikon II speakers in a HT system at the moment, and I was thinking of adding a 3 or 5 channel upgrade my sound quality across the board...Anthem has the mca series and pva that are both affordable...and Ive found a p-1000 Arcam that is also reasonable...Any suggestions?
Just my two cents, if sound quality does not sway you towards one, I would get the one that has better reputation for reliability. I have a Anthem pre amp tuner and really like it.
I'd get a 2 channel preamp with HT bypass (say a Modwright or the W4S STP) and a 2 channel amplifier. Likely a better result for music.
I like the sound of Arcam over Anthem (with the ARC on). Arcam, to me, does way better when it comes to music. It picks out each and every single instrument and with so much detail that it's almost un-real.

I have compared both receivers side by side on Martin Logan Aries-i and Quest Z's. The Anthem is not bi-ampble so it struggled with the Quest's. Arcam on the other hand is bi-ampble so that extra power really makes a big difference. These tests were done without any power amps.

By the way I have an Anthem MRX-500 running Aries-i and an Arcam AVR-400 running the Quest z's. To me the Anthem seems to sound more like the Denon's and seems that something is missing.

The Anthem sounds a bit better now that I have an Emotiva XPA-3 power amp running in the system. On the other hand I got a Sunfire Grand Amp 200 x 5 (8 ohms) running the Quest Z's with the Arcam-400. All I can say is WOW!

The Arcam AVR 400 and Sunfire Grand Power Amp really delivers. Im talking loud and clear with no clipping. I was not able to max out the system as it got super loud (neighbors).