Anthem vs Aragon Stage One

I'm thinking of buying the Anthem AVM-20 or the Aragon Stage One. I'm seeking 2 channel stereo via SACD that is warm, musical and detailed-- in addition to solid 7 channel performance. I'm a B&W / Classe user. In reading previous posts, it seems

Anthem's better because
* balanced inputs and outputs
* everybody wants one- easy to sell
* excellent home theater
* doesn't require wierd DB-25 cable for 6 channel input

Aragon's better
* because it's more musical in 2 channel mode
* looks great
* simple to use

Is this a fair comparison? Which do you like? Thanks in advance. John
Haven't heard Aragon, bit I can heartily endorse the Anthem AVM20. Nice piece of equipment.
Both are great processors. I have owned both and I have to say that if you need more flexibility the AVM-20 wins hands down but the Aragon has better sound overall
and especially for two chanell music. The AVM-20 is also kind of plain looking while the stage one is probably the best looking pre/pro out there.
I have the Stage One. I think the Anthem is also a great unit, but haven't owned one. The issue with the DB-25 cable is simple. I bought one from Onkyo on line for $10 including shipping. The RCA cables can otherwise be the same. Great 2 channel on everything-CD, SACD, Satellite digital music, phono. Programming is easy. You have to like the Pronto remote, though. Easy setup for surround parameters. Good luck!