Anthem STR vs Parasound JC 2 BP vs any other sub $5,000 Preamp?

~10x10x8.5' is the room, concrete floor and ceiling... Yeah its horrible! Room treatments will be applied as best as i can fit them in. Other than audio gear and a listening chair nothing else will be in the room. 

~Seriously wanting room correction!

~2.0, possibly adding in a sub or two in the future, strictly music, streaming/music server will be used.

~Speakers will be possibly Legacy Calibres, or any other assortment as I may do a lot of different small-large bookshelf's over the course of this systems life if time permits. 

Any recommendations, pros, cons would be well valued at or below the $5,000 MSRP point thanks, 
The following preamps are what I considered because I have the same room as you:

Anthem STR
Lyngdorf 2170 or 3400
Linn Selekt
DEQX  https://www.deqx. com/products/

I am leaning towards the Anthem because of the feature set and user feedback. However, I will compare the Anthem with the Lyngdorf and Linn before I commit with a buy.

I have left the DEQX in the sidelines for now due to the additional complexity of setting it up. 

The Lyngdorf comes with amplification (so an integrated but can be used as a preamp only)

BTW - I recently added GIK treatments ($700) and they made a massive difference in the sound quality. Some photos are available on my virtual system.
Gentlemen, I am the WRSM for Anthem and thank you for considering the our STR PREAMP.  What kind of Amp do you have to mate with?  There is also our STR INTEGRATED...Our products have a minimum 309 hour break-in period by the way, so you may want to verify the amount of time not just on the unit, but the input as well when auditioning.
I don’t know where either of you are located - I cover just about everything West of the Mississippi River. If you have trouble finding or auditioning the unit, please reach out to our company directly, or through the Anthem website, and have them put you in touch with one of us Regionals and we’ll do what we can to help.  This forum has many restrictions and block phone numbers/email addresses -otherwise I’d have you contact me directly.  Thank you again!
If I go with the Anthem it’ll be the STR Power Amp. 
What room correct have you considered so far?

BTW - the 4 items I listed are all at the $5K MSRP or less. You can configure options on a few of them to go up higher in price.
Really only two, Anthems and Lyngdorf... both have pretty great reviews from the people who give them a chance.

Audioholics (Gene) has chosen to purchase Anthems STR Pre and Pro after doing some pretty in depth testing... far more than I see most big review sites doing which has me leaning heavily towards them. 
I've heard the STR integrated and the Lyndorf both in the same room and both are very good specially after the room correction software has had its go. Actually really surprised me to be honest how well it works. I've had serious thought about dumping my tube amp and going that route as I also have a hard room to deal with. Hard to say what ones better both do many things really well. I'm not getting into which I prefer as I was in a room at my local audio shop listening to speakers I've not heard before, Dynaudio 3 ways don't recall the model mid sized floor standers think around $10K. That said both do some great things in hard to treat rooms. Both are easy to listen to as well, regardless of the class AB-D conflict lol. I think the Anthem was the nicer looking amp though if that means anything to you. 

I've been a tube guy for a long time and neither of those two amps had me running for the door both were engaging and non fatiguing. I could easily live with ether that's hard for me to admit. 

I own a Lyngdorf 3400 and room correction has really helped me get the full, deep but not bloated, bass I was after. Liked it well enough to replace a Mark Levinson pre and amp. 
Another option is to run the JC2 BP with minidsp SHD (which includes Dirac).  Depending on what sources you use, this might make a lot of sense.  The SHD does digital correction in the digital domain and then you can pass to your DAC of choice (96/24), then JC2 BP.

I went this route, to have the modularity of room correction and an amazing preamp separately and because I just lived the JC2 presentation (jet black noise floor and separation).
Anthem makes a great product with outstanding room correction, I had an MRX510 paired with a Rotel then my Mark Levinson 532h. Until I listened to a very seasoned high end dealer I loved using the room correction, but he suggested to leave off that the never setup on systems they install. After doing so a few days then switching back and forth I never went back to using room correction on 2.0 channel listening. It does blend sub better but is still more natural and full bodied without as room correction is adjusting frequencies. For surround sound and movies it's a must. If setting up your system for mainly 2 channel music you're better off without. The one great thing about Anthem systems are you can set different settings and store them and turn off the room correction so you get best of both worlds. 
My idea is to cut off the frequency correction at a lower level, wherever that may be I don’t know for that room just yet. But I sure don’t want it correcting too high up the range if not needed. 
Jason, as you pointed out in the beginning of this discussion:  You have a hard bouncy box of a room and I strongly suggest that you put carpet in the room to soften things up.  With such a small room, you can find carpet remnants very cheap, with a wide choice of material and colors. You might also, find an area rug that you just have to lay down. Either choice might save a lot of money.  Gluing cork squares on the ceiling is another possibility, and I would do both. 
Good luck
Hello guys we are a Parasound dealer as well as an Anthem dealer. 

The Parasound JC 2 is a good preamp it is an older design and Parasound is revamping their entire line because products like the JC 2 are showing their age.

The Anthem STR is an incredible value the dacs in it are very good, the room correction is mind blowingly effective and the total package of sound quality, features and price point are impossible to beat.

Basically get an STR, use an Innuous server direct with a good USB cable, add a high quality amplifier and you are good to go.

We have used the STR with many amplifiers, the sound quality is warm, with good detail and an excellent sound stage. 

For many people here the STR preamp will be all they will need to create a great sounding high performance system that is still affordable.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Parasound, and Anthem dealers


I'm in the market for an AVR, Pre Pro that will support the playback of cinema and high resolution multichannel files using DSP for speaker/room equalization and format conversions that are usually a part of those processes. Please excuse my limited knowledge and wording on this subject.
As I understand it, currently most EQ software is PCM based so format conversion is needed to convert DSD files to PCM. In addition, because many EQ products work within a limited range of sampling rates. PCM files sampled at high rates usually need to be down sampled before being subjected to EQ. Many of us using AVRs and Pre Pros to play their high resolution multi channel music files are familiar with theses audible constraints. I'm guessing the componentry required to avoid this downsampling would add a certain cost for what currently amounts to a niche market. 

Do any of Anthems AVRs or Pre Pros accept discreet multi-channel audio via USB as well as HDMI?

When the Anthem ARC is engaged and at least 5 outputs are being used to listen to 24-bit/192kHz PCM or DSD256 resolutions does your processor down-sample to 48kHz? To be fair, I can't seem to find this information by any of the other Receiver/PrePro manufactures so not answering is understandable. 

Initially most of your customers wouldn't require this level of computing power.   On the heels of Anthems recent well received development of your own ARC processing, development of an accessory rear panel plug-in component to accommodate high resolution audio could easily leap frog Anthem over the slow to develop server market. A Receiver/Pre Pro with true high resolution multi-channel equalized playback would be an economically attractive alternative to multi component digital audio. Quite possibly legitimizing the home entertainment center especially for those who may never hear a vacuum tube or consider an LP. Just a thought.

I'm a previous owner of the first release of the Anthem PreOne w/Phono tube preamplifier and multiple versions of Paradigm Studio 100 speakers.