Anthem STR preamp or integrated OR Parasound P6

I'm looking to upgrade my Emotiva XSP-1 preamp.  I had a McIintosh MX122 in it's place for a bit and i feel it sounded way more musical and pleasant.  

I'm looking for something that can handle my 3 subwoofers and has a great DAC (want to sell my Cambridge CXNv2 and get a Blusound Node and use the DAC in the preamp).

I'm tossing around the Parasound P6, Anthem STR preamp or even the Anthem STR Integrated and sell my Parasound A21 amp.

Thoughts on the subwoofer management of these?
Thoughts on the DAC differences?  

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The ARC in the Anthem puts it in a completely different league. Not only can you set crossover points but you can significantly improve the quality of your bass output.

I have a Parasound P7 (in storage) and I have to run the bass out to a miniDSP EQ to get the same level of performance.

However, you really should listen to both. In particular, the quality of the DACs, and the final results of the ARC are important.

You should also seriously consider the Anthem integrated. I haven't heard it, but I went from Parasound A21s to Class D (IcePower) and finally to Luxman. My point is, I switched out of the A21 because the Class D was more efficient and sounded just as good. You may find the Anthem as good or significantly better, and for $500 more, it's totally worth it, not to mention reduction in shelf space used.
@erik_squires excellent info and good points.  I do like the sound of the Anthem.

I think one thing that's holding me back is the lack of MQA support for its DAC. 

MQA is an absolute joke.

Get whatever you like.
Dtximnages, the Anthem STR is a lovely preamp, that has everything you wish.

We would recommend that you use your separate amplifier with the STR as the STR with a good amplifier will outperform the STR integrated.

The Dac stage is very good, for even better performance ditch the Blue Sound for an Innous Mini

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@audiotroy Thanks for the input.  I don't need a cd ripper or a NAS as I have zero downloaded files and I only stream.  It seems like for the money, using the Bluesound to stream to the STR DAC would be just as good as the much more expensive Innuous.

So the STR preamp has a different DAC and analogue output stage than the Integrated?  I'm not sure why in the world they would do that?