Anthem STR Power Amp vs Parasound JC5

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with the Anthem STR Power amp and the Parasound JC5? Both amps seem like world class amps with similar power ratings (400W @8ohms). For context, I'm interested in them to power some Paradigm Persona towers in a 7.2.4 atmos system that is 70% games/movies and 30% music. I currently have a Parasound Halo A21 and I love it but was curious about the Anthem STR as it's gotten rave reviews (and is the sister company of Paradigm so should be a good match).

The only head to head comparison I know of so far ( HometheaterReview ) mentioned that the Anthem seemed to have deeper power reserves than the JC5 and I've gotten the impression so far that the JC5 is great for music but may not be better than the Anthem for movies. Any thoughts on that?
Yep all good @russ69 . Thanks for the comments and feedback.

Definitely if I was going all 2ch, then that would dictate decisions for every component (speakers, preamp, amp etc). I am looking for a high performance multipurpose system (that doesn't skimp on 2ch perf) which is a slightly different problem with a different solution 

I just upgraded from the A21+ to the JC5.  The JC5 is phenomenal.  A clear step up from the A21+, which is a great amp. I was expecting a difference with the cost being almost double, but it's more than I thought.  Paired with the Fritz Carreras.

The Antehm STR is going to be more neutral / transparent in comparison. the Parasound will have a slightly warm / dry sound.

If you're thinking of buying new, at that price range, any dealer should let you try it at home for a while, and you can make up your own mind which you prefer.