Anthem STR - ARC or not ARC?

I have just received my STR Integrated. I also have PrimaLuma Integrated HP w/ KT150.
But just a different option after reading all the reviews about. My speakers are Sonus Faber Elipse SE.
Source are Dsc Pucinni and Kuzma Stabi TT.

Though I only have about 120hour burning in. Yes, it is very detail. and the power really extended the low freq.
I have tried ARC and no ARC.
ARC "on". the Sound is fuller / my Balance. but in my face.
ARC "off". the sound is more transparent and the music is behind the speaker.

But somehow it just is not as musical or focus as the PL Int HP.    
The STR is like listening to HiFi System,  Nothing really special.

Is the STR going to be better after 300h burn in?

Or maybe it just not the right amp for me.?


 The Elipsa SE should have a deep wide lush soundstage. The room correction is screwing up the sound. I can't even imagine the Elipsa SE sounding in your face. This is the exact opposite of their nature.

 Personally neither of these would be my choice for the these speakers. But I am not a big fan of integrateds. The PrimaLuma is nice sounding but you wil get better sound, especially crisper better defined bass with more power.  

 I drive my Elipsa SE with an Audio Research Ref 110 with KT 120 tubes. And I wouldn't mind more power. I have thought about moving to a Pass amp. The Elipsa SE are gorgeous sounding speakers. But they really benefit from top flight electronics.

Hi! I’ve had the STR integrated for a while, and I do get your point with ARC on being more “in your face”. Although if done correctly, setting the speakers to full range, and some trying back and forth with the cut-off frequency, I think the result is decent. Voices sound warmer, and the bass is more “correct”. I had to set the bass to 2+ dB in the menu to be satisfied.
My room is quite difficult, and the speakers can easily sound boomy in some tracks, so ARC really helped with that. Also, the bass feels deeper with ARC enabled.
If my room was better, and I could easily tweak it with some acoustic panels and bass traps, I would not use ARC.
100+ hours should be sufficient...
I’ve just upgraded to the STR Pre+Effect, and I’ve also got the Persona 3F, so this is now absolutely lovely in my ears.