Anthem Statement P5 amp and Golden Ear Triton One speakers

I have the opportunity to purchase the p5 amp and Triton one speakers and am trying to get reviews, opinions on both the amp and the speakers both individually and working together. They would be used for both music and home theater. Will add center, surrounds. Also considering Rega p3 turntable. Can't do dedicated music and home theater now. 
There seems to be plenty of reviews and opinions on the Tritons.   
Are you speaking of professional reviewers and magazines?

I have seen some of those was hoping to hear from people who own or have owned them. Also looking for more information about the amp as well.

I know many people adore the Golden Ear, but in my experience I felt I could do better.
If you can, go to a dealer (and there seems to be a lot) and listen to them and judge for yourself before you make a purchase. Unfortunately, I have no experience with Anthem and cannot guide you there.
Thanks B. If you don't mind would you tell me what you decided on?

I have both the Triton 1 and Triton 2 and have a deposit on the new Triton Reference which won't be shipping to late May\early June.  My Triton 1 are powered by a 160wpc solid state amp and an all tube preamp.  I absolutely LOVE the sound.  The Triton 2 are powered by a Parasound Halo Integrated amp at 160wpc.  I am quite satisfied with the sound from this system as well.

When the GE dealer demoed the Triton1, he first did it with a Rotel integrated, it sounded horrible.  I asked if he had any better electronics, and he brought out the best Anthem amp he had.  It sounded thin and overly bright.  While that may be ok for home theater, not so for high end audio.  I almost didn't buy the speakers because of the demo, but I took a leap of faith and I am very happy I did.  I liked the 1 so much that I bought the 2 later that year for another system I have.

Thanks for the information. Did you get to demo the Triton Reference speakers? Thin and bright not something I would want.
No, I haven't heard them as I was not at CES.  I do know that everyone who heard them, drooled all over them and it has the GE house sound.  The Triton 1 and 2 only sounded thin and bright because they were hooked up to home theater equipment at the dealers demo. 
Yes I heard the same about the Triton Reference speakers I was just wondering if you heard them. I am not familiar what do you mean the GE house sound? 
I have read alot about the tritons and read the patent they have too. I haven't heard them but I am an ADS fan and almost bought a pair of L1590/2s from a guy who was selling them because he swithched to the tritons. I do own a P5 and I am using it in a hometheater made up of 4 ADS L1290/2s and a self built matching center channel that I copied off of Rich So's website. I love the amp. It is bottomless in my system. Crystal clear but not bright at all. I hear more information on all my best recordings, but my old rock music sounds totally compressed. I am using an Anthem AV60 for a preamp and using all balanced iterconnects by Kimber Cable. Using 10 guage ofc speaker wire with over 400 strands. I even made a mistake one night, made a dust cover for the amp out of 1/8" rubber and first night I put it on the amp, the wife came in the living room and turned all the equipment on while I was on the computer. The rubber is black and all the lights were out at the time, so we watched a few sitcoms and fell asleep. I awoke to go to the bathroom and noticed  2 led's were out on the amp and I noticed a faint smell like something burning. I put on the lights and flipped out at the wife, she told me it was my fault. I was besides myself and shut everything off and went and made some coffee. I removed the rubber cover and after about an hour I wanted to see how bad the damage was. The amp was cool as ice by then so I put it on and much to my surprise everything was back to working order. I guess when they say bullet and IDIOT proof they really mean it. It must have a thermal protection. All I can say is it is built like a tank and it sounds as neutral as can be. The good recordings sound better than ever and the bad ones just can't hide anymore. The ARC system made a huge difference in my room as well. Highly recommended for anyone who likes heavy clear bass and smooth treble. Lightening fast transients and effortless peaks on very loud music passages and movies.
Thanks alkaloid for the post. I haven't heard much about the P5. I saw a few old reviews that were good but I had also seen reviews who said the P5 was bright and believe complained about the bass saying that the P5 for music wasn't good. How hot does the amp get? Thanks again for the post.
The Triton one's are one of the few speakers I've heard recently that truly surprised me, and that was before I knew the cost. I guessed 10K GBP absolute minimum, but they are 5K. Not just great design skills but also very honest of GE to market them sensibly. I heard them with Primare amps so regrettably I can't comment on Anthem partnership.
Thanks for the post. I haven't been able to get a lot of information on the Anthem P5 except from alkaloid's post earlier. I rarely see a
P5 for sale if that means anything but would like to get more information and wouldn't mind hearing from more from P5 owners. Thanks again for the post.
@OP, Sorry for not replying sooner. 
In any case, I am a Vandy man.
I heard them in the '80's and never forgot how great they sounded (and at a great price point), even after 30 years.
Do I like other manufacturers? Yes, Maggies, Ohm, Shahanian, and recently, ProAc. I have been trialing Zu Audio speakers, too. (I wanted to see what a crossover-less design sounded like). But, the Vandersteen's seem to always get the music right.
Granted, the dealer did not set up the Golden Ear's very well, but to me a good speaker should sound good even when in less than ideal circumstances. You shouldn't have to have your head and body clamped in a vise, but should be able to hear a convincing reproduction throughout the room- IMHO. 
If it sounds good and feels good, then it IS good!
Duke Ellington

I understand and thanks for the reply. I heard vandersteens years ago and was really impressed. Like you I also heard and liked Maggie's but they won't work for me right now. Thanks again.
I have them ATI amps  Amazing