Anthem Statement D2V set up concerns

I have just bought this and a Sony BDP1000ES BluRay and have them connected VIA HDMI along with a Denon 5910ci which is hooked up through both HDMI for Movies and 6 Channel for SACD/DVD-A. When watching a BluRay with DTS HD soundtrack it sounds horrible. The display on the D2v shows either 6 channel or DPLIIx. I don't have anything but the HDMI hooked up. It sounds like I have a 32 track tape playing and have about 11 tracks turned on. Watching a Moody Blues BR Disc I hear some vocals,muffled drums, faint guitar, strong flute and the backing voclas over power the lead vocal. I have been through the set up menu on both the Sony and the D2v and find no setting for True HD Dolby or DTS HD but it is listed on the features as well as referred to in the manual. Anyone own this piece and have suggestions for me. I traded a McIntosh MX135 in and strongly considering calling the dealer to see if I can trade back. I haven't done the ARC room correction set up yet as I am still trying to get familiar with it.

I realize there is a learning curve with anything new especially for a long time McIntosh owner. But there should be some settings for the blu ray codecs , right?
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Post your issue on the AVS Anthem D2/D2v/AVM50/AVM50v/ARC1 tweaking guide forum and you'll get a better response.