Anthem Statement D2V

First post for me. I currently have an Anthem AVM20 processor. I have the chance to get an Anthem Statement D2V non 3D. It's a demo unit for $3500 seems like a good deal to me. Not sure if it has any warranty left. What does anyone think good deal or not?
YES it is a good deal. If you don't buy it, please give me the contact information of the Seller!
One of the best(if not the best) preamp/processors on the market for half price is an incredible deal. Find out about that warranty because that would even sweeten the deal even more.

Thanks guys that's what I was thinking also.
If you want to have 3D capabilities and bring your video quality up a few notches take a look at the DVDO video processors. They do a much better job than the video processor in the Anthem IMO.