Anthem Statement D1 vs. Arcam AV8

Does anyone have any experience with direct comparisons between these two units? If so, what were the positives and negatives in terms of sound quality and features?
Has anyone done an A/B comparison on these units?
I haven't heard the arcam but after hearing the statement D1 I bought it immediately.It is truly an amazing pre/pro and SOOOOO easy to use.I think anthem has all the other manufacturers running back to their R+D departments.I know a dealer who carries many highend brands of pre/pros and he told me he seems to only sell the D1 and everyone is crazy about it.He hasn't heard of anything but praise for this unit.That is one strong endorsement.Incidently he also carries arcam.
I have no desire to search for anything else.
I am going to answer my own question. I recently got a chance to A/B the AV8 and Anthem D1 at a dealer. The AV8 was much better in my opinion.
Take a look at the D2 which if your a D1 owner or an AVM 30 owner like I am, allows you to upgrade to the D2. This is one of the reasons why Anthem is so good. They just released the new D2 which adds to the greatness of there product line. The upgrade path they offer, is still one of the best I have seen.