Anthem statement A5 or Classé audio CAV 180

Hello Audiogon members,

I would like it if you could give me some advice or share some experiences.

I am looking for a fast, dynamic and transparant multichannel amplifier. 180w or 200w is enough for my case.

Right now i have a modified Sherwood Newcastle A 965 amplifier that i truly love.. but it is limited to RCA only and i need XLR inputs.

Right now i have these options:

* An Anthem Statement A5
* A Classé CAV-180

What also would be interesting is a Mcintosh MC 205 or 207 or maybe some others?

My set up:
Oppo 95 modified
Denon AVP-A1HDA (pre-pro) modified
Elac FS 609 Ce loudspeakers (German)

Thanks in advance guys!
I've never heard the Anthem. I love the Classe. The Arcam 777 is a great amp also, I use an Arcam P7 myself. (no interest in XLR) ***Arcam dealer***
Thanks for the reply and sorry for the slow response.

I have the CAV 180 @ home now but the only thing i don´t like is the bass. It sounds not tight at all.