Anthem, Rotel or Sunfire?

Dear friends, i live in Brazil, and here it is damn hard to find good equipments for a reasonable price.
I manage to get a Rotel 1575, a Sunfire TGA 7400 and an Anthem MCA 50 for almost the same price.

Sinse i will be using a Krell HTS 7.1 as a pre-pro, i require your assistance on which of them would be best suited for my setup.

I run Dynaudio Special 25 as frontal, Dynaudio Focus 200c as central and Audience 42 as surround.

As i will be moving for a multichannel for now, i will be using the amp also for the frontal, leaving for the next upgrade a stereo amp.

Any advice is welcome.
One of the stores I patronize here in NJ (USA) sells both Rotel and Krell. That should mean something about compatibility. You can't go wrong with a Rotel unit. What about local support and service in case you need a warranty repair? Do each of these brands have local authorized support? Rotel is part of the B&W Group which is truly a worldwide global company. My vote would go with Rotel.
The problem is that i tried Rotel and did not like the sound, so i am moving away from their class D amplifier (the model i tried, cant say anything from others).

I am probably between the two amplifiers, Sunfire TGA 7400 and Anthem MCA 50.

Can anyone gime me some more advice with this amplifiers with my setup?

Power cord is Oyaide Tuname with 046 connectors and Oyaide PA-02 with Focus connectors (for stereo) and Vampirewire connetors for multichannel.

Best regards, Eduardo.
I tried them all I perfer the Anthem.
Get the Sunfire. You should be able to bridge two of the channels for extra power for your fronts and it's as good as it gets for good clean sound. Not necessary, but it's an extra bonus. The Sunfire amps run cool, and that's something to consider in warm Brazil. Last but not least the Sunfire will drive anything you throw at it, and they're flat out bargains at under $2k used.

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