Anthem receivers

Looking for feedback with the new anthem receivers . I am currently thinking about purchasing the new 700 model . Or i would by a used mca50 amp and either a avm 30 or statement d1. The used gear would come close in price as the receiver . Unfortanetly my local dealer does not have the receivers on display for some reason . I have owned the avm30 in the past and was pleased with it .Any owners of the receivers out there ? I am mainly concerned with the analog section for 2 channel music . I am 75% music tilted and 25% movies.
I have an Anthem D1 and MCA 5 & MCA 3. I thought about changing to a used D2 (not D2v) or one of the newer AVM units, since the D1 doesn't have HDMI inputs. I currently do not use the D1 for video switching, only audio through coax from TV or Blu-Ray. Video from Blu-Ray is with HDMI direct to TV.

I called Anthem and was told the D1 is still far superior to any of the newer receivers for audio. Internet research seemed to indicate the only difference between D1 and D2 was video upsampling, which I do not require. I decided to stick with the D1.