Anthem PRE2L Or Pre1 differences anyone?

Has anyone compared the sonic differences of the two units? I looked at a PRE2L, on the advice of you guys and am loving it. Now, i find out the pre1 has a phono stage, heck i can live without a remote if im getting a GOOD phono stage instead. I heard good things about the phono stage, and if its good enough and sounds simaler otherwise, ill go the pre 1 route.

WHat are the differences sonically? I have seen no real head to head discussion and cant find much on the PRe 1.

Thanks - Evan
You may want to email UnderwoodWally and see if he would let you home demo some Anthem stuff. You can go to member lookup to get his email link. He's a very honest guy and is a dealer for SF.
Good luck,
Yes, well, if you dont have too much invested in the Pre2L, maybe. I havent heard the Pre1. There was a review in Stereophile of the Pre1L with a comparison to the Pre1. I believe the reviewer said they were very close, with the Pre1L slightly quieter and cleaner. Basically, if you wanted phono, the Pre1 would be the choice. The Pre2L is supposed to be 3db quieter than the Pre1L, someting you probably wouldnt notice. I have the Pre2L, but almost never use the remote, and feel I would have been better off with the Pre1L.

Doesnt the Pre1 have more tubes to replace and a separate power transformer (ie 2 boxes)?
You guys have told me what i originally thought, that the things are very simaler. i really need a phono stage so it looks like the pre1 is the unit for me. I would use underwood wally, but honestly dont think i can hear a difference. I am going to buy used, i cant afford anything decent new.

Thanks guys - Evan