Anthem Pre-1P... how good is it?

I've an Anthem Pre-1P and am thinking about getting something else for a phono stage. I've only been able to compare it to a Project Tube Box, which the Anthem seemed to sound better. I'm wondering if anyone has an opionion about this Anthem phono stage and how much up the phono stage food chain I'd have to go to get a noticable difference. When you look at the guts of the Anthem, there doesn't seem to be much there besides the two pairs of tubes. Has anyone also had the Anthem upgraded/modified by Parts Connextion and if so was it worth while... could you 'hear' an improvement.
Hello Ben,
I had a Pre-1P for a while and thought it did an admirable job. I compared it to the Black cube, the phono section of an AL- M3A, the EAR 834 and the Quicksilver. My take was that it bettered the Black cube and the Audible Illusions by a fair margin, and was on par but not as lush as the EAR or the quicksilver.
My guess is that you would need to spend 2-3 times the cost for a noticable improvement
Well with one person weighing in on this subject it appears my take is correct... the Anthem is a good phono stage value for its cost. Thanks for your input.