Anthem PA5/AVM 30

I can get a Anthem PA5 amplifier/Anthem AVM 50 Processor and was looking to see if this would be a nice upgrade or not.

Currently have a Onkyo TXN809 for a 5.1 HSU speaker package, with HSU VTF15 subwoofer

I don't think it has HDMI connections, so i am not certain of usability...


Anthem does not have a PA5 amp.  It has a P5 and an A5 amplifier.  In either case, I would probably say this would be a significant upgrade from the Onkyo receiver because you are putting so much more into an amplifier power supply with more amp output transistors per channel.  I'm sure the processing and D/A of the Anthem AVM50 is very nice as well.  You can take advantage of the balanced outputs of the AVM50.