Anthem P5 vs Theta Dreadnaught II

Looking to upgrade my Anthem P5 but finding it difficult without breaking the bank. Has anyone compared the P5 with the Dreadnaught or any other multichannel amp that will do great music and HT?
What speakers are you using also what is the rest of your system?
Thanks - I'm using a Modwright Sony 999ES as the source, Modwright SWL 9SE linestage and B&W 803's.
What part of the country are you in I might be able to suggest dealers?

Also what makes you think you need to upgrade your amp?

The P5 is a good amplifier. With the P5 I am assuming you also have a surround sound system.
I'm located in Pittsburgh, and yes have a surround system.
The P5 is very dynamic and transparent - I want to improve my two channel performance and prepared to sacrifice multi-channel performance if necessary. I originally demoed the 803's with a Musical Fidelity Nu Vista Amp, which was very musical - but MF are not in the multi-channel business, consequently looking for an amp with a similar voice.

I am currious at to budget? Have you considered the Plinius Odeon, this is a devasting multi channel amplifier one of the best that exsists.
Appreciate the feedback, I concluded that 2 channel takes precedence and got a good deal on a Musical Fidelity KW500 -I'll just get a good 3 channel amp for the other channels.
The Plinus Odeon is clearly an excellent HT amp.