Anthem P2 or McIntosh 302 or something else

I am looking for a new amp for $5,000 or less. I am looking at an Anthem P2 or a McIntosh 302. I have Martin Logan Ascent I speakers. I have had a MC402 and a pair of MC501s before. Had to sell it when market crashed in 09. Has anybody A/Bed these two amps. Is there another amp I should consider. Salesman at store said I need 300 watts for my speakers. Any ideas/thoughts would be great. Thanks Alan

PLINIUS 301 or find an classic 302 Jeff Rowland.
Pass Labs 350.5 Reno HiFi has them refurbished for around that price with warranty and trade up policy. Good Luck
What amps do the Martin Logans do shows with. frequently speakers and amps are shown together in order to show off the best of both products.