Anthem MRX 700 will not power on Please Help

Hello, I need emergency help please I have a anthem mrx700 that was running perfectly fine up until now on software version 50.12 I tried upgrading tonight to version 50.16, everything was going fine with the upgrade and then at a certain point I got an error message I had no choice and had to stop the upgrade now the unit will not power on no matter what I even tried unplugging it for about 2 min. tried upgrading to the old 50.12 and 50.16 also tried quick measure in the room correction but I keep getting the message connection failed cannot find unit now I am stuck with a unit that will not power on please help any suggestions? I looked in the manual and there does not seem to be any reset options or circuit breaker fuses etc.
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Have you called Anthem yet? They should be most helpful. Post your outcome. Their HT receiver is one of the few I would consider. Good luck, hope others here can be of aid.