Anthem mrx 310

Has anyone tried to operate this and did you get totally frustrated trying to figure out how to do things with it?

It has the room correction and I don't see anyway to get to the eq. to straighten up the spike between apprx. 1500-4500hz. I was able to get it putting out music after a couple hours. The owners manual tells everything it's capable of but, no directions to get any further. I contacted Anthem and they keep referring me to Operation in the manual. I saw the operation mode but, that's as far as I can get. I must be the village idiot. I was able to get the correction running but, that was the easy part and it didn't give a place to click on to get to the eq.

This is really embarrassing. But if I have to I'll have to return it if I can. Anthem did tell me that the dealer explains how and what to do. I don't think he is going to drive 210 miles to go over it with me.
Any help would be great from you guys and girls.
Thank you so much.