Anthem MDX 520 or Cambridge CRX 200

I live in Eastern Canada, and need some advice on which would be better for my needs.

I am 65 yrs old and have sold my Anthem MRX 500 . I have 5  B&W speakers incl 805D and want to replace with something better but reliable. I listen to Spotify and Amazon music, collection of CDs and some surround tv.

We do not a great selection in our area but I have heard the MRX 520 but they only have 5.1.2 while Cambridge has 7.1.2 with some more features but have heard it but will hear them next week.

With a blind test would the Cambridge CRX 200 be as good the Anthem.

Would like opinions on the above on reliability and quality of sound
Basic sound quality alone the Cambridge CRX200 performs better for stereo music playbacks than the Anthem MRX520. 
However, the Anthem will probably be a better choice for surround sound movies (home theater) with ARC (Anthem Room Correction) engaged and properly calibrated. ARC is really good and really works well when set up correctly and will make huge difference in surround performance for movies (home theater).