Anthem MCA5

I have a Denon 3300 and am not happy with the sound. I'm thinking about moving up to a real amp for Home Theater and my dealer wants me to take a look at the Anthem. The price seems right, I could use the Denon as a preamp until I could afford something better. I like to ask around before I even bring it home for a test weekend. Thanks for any advice.
Just be prepared for slower service if you ever need it. They are in Canada and we have never had anything turned around in less than a month or so.

Another amp you may want to look at is the Adcom GFA7500, around same price, but is THX certified, etc. sweet.
I also considered the Anthems but ended up buying an Audio Refinement Multi series because of the dealer's suggestion - yes, he sells the Anthems also.
Angela100 and Danish,
Sorry to go off-track w/ the topic of the thread...May I ask which A/V receiver/surround pre/pro are you using with the Adcom/Audio Refinement? To Danish - have you auditioned the Audio Refinement Pre-5?
with a Classe CA300 on front speakers and Adcom GFA-7500 on center, and rear.
The Anthem by far is your best choice.Any new software upgrades are downloadable.You dont have to send the unit back.All the R&D is from Sonic Frontiers who have Class A Equipment year after year.
Leafs, don't get me wrong. We have an Anthem CD player and a Sonic Frontiers preamp in our 2-channel system. Our CD player has been gone for 5 weeks now. When we first bought our preamp (brand new Line 3), it didn't work out of the box, so we fought and fought and finally after writing a letter to the president, we got some attention and it took over 6 weeks to get a new preamp. We love the gear, just not the service and support. I am learning that this may just be the most important factor to consider. I don’t know if this is typical, I can just tell you on two different occasions, almost 2 years apart, we had the same, slow, frustrating experience. Thank god for backup equipment!
Of course, amps are beasts and usually aren't so finicky and don’t require so much attention. Just wanting to share our experiences if this is also a criteria.

For HT, though, I feel that the ADCOM was made for this. Here’s a link
Interesting, service is a major criteria so I also plan to
look at Bryston. The idea of having a 20year warranty is very appealing for all the obvious reasons. I understand Bryston service is second to none...? Cost may be
the major factor with this purchase.
I have just (last night) added a Bryston 3b (older model) to drive my mains, Denon AVR 2800 as pre, to my system and was overwhelmed with the difference this made to music. Haven't tried a dvd yet but expect the same. Got it used ($400) and couldn't be happier. Have read and been advised that the newer 3bst is much improved over the 3b but I am thrilled with the improvement over the denon for music. Service, quality and improved sound. Does it get any better?
Scoly: I believe Bryston will upgrade your 3b: If you mail them through their web site. I've heard nothing but good stories about their turnaround time and service.