Anthem MCA 325 or Rotel 1582 with B&W CM10

Hello Members,

I need some advice on upgrading my amp for my setup. Currently I have the Rotel 1582 MkII powering B&W CM10 S2s and Anthem MRX 720 powering the CM Center 2 S2 and CM1 S2s for surrounds. Would I benefit if I upgrade the Rotel to an Anthem MCA 325 so I can power the center channel and front LR with it? The power is 200/ ch Rotel vs 225/ch Anthem. Thought it’s not a much difference for the L/R, only the Center would get 225w vs 140w from the MRX 720. I’m buying the Anthem used, so I’ll be spending around $500 more after I sell my Rotel. Should I just stick with my current system? Or spending ~$500 justifies the difference it makes?