Anthem MCA-2 Series 2?

Looking to buy a Anthem MCA-2 for a 2 channel set up. New at this so need help deciding if $275 is a good price for a gently used 2 channel Anthem amp? They guy said he paid $1200 6 yrs ago and it has sat in a box most of it life due to a move. What do you think? Looking for a good bank for your buck preamp like a Rotel, Nad? Thinking of B&W 6 series monitors? Help this newbie.
Anyone Please give me your 2 cents on a good quality preamp with XLR inputs that is less then 1K?
275 is a good deal, they regularly go for 500-700 here. At that price I would take it for sure, if you do not like it you can resell it for a small profit.
I've been driving a pair of Vandy 2Ce sig's with my Anthem MCA-2 and I'm very pleased.