anthem m1 anyone own or here these yet; impression

anyone own or hear these yet.....what are your impressions?
HFN ran a review but the detail and comparisons were lacking.
It's über powerful, compact and cool/cheap to run, but is this a true high end component? Ostensibly the class D PSU makes it cheaper to manufacture than a Torroid-based class A unit, but from a purist performance perspective, does it run with the big Bryston, Levinson, Halcro and Krell monos at a scant fraction of the cost? The idea of spending >$10K on monos that take more floor space than I have along my front channels, and expensively superheat my media room 24/7 irks me. The prospect of getting that performance level in amps that cost a fraction, run cool, need not run all the time and have a tiny footprint is truly tantalizing. I am waiting for in-depth listening reports from TAS, S-Pile or the like.
I found out that Rowland 301 600W monoblocks also have a switching class D power supply. It would seem someone else knows how to do this right. These are WAY more expensive though.

Competition-wise, I see the M1 going up against the Parasound Halo JC1. If they perform as well, (similar price), I like the cool, thin, no-warm-up class D aspect of the M1. I want to hear about comparisons though!
WOOHOO! Another class D reference monoblock contender: Bel Canto REF1000M. These are cheaper than the Anthems.
I know this is a very old thread, but since I own Parasound Halo and just bought a pair of Anthem M1's due to the very appealing size, efficiency and beautiful craftsmanship, I thought I'd make some comments.

First off; the room: 10,000 cubic feet of space with an 18 foot vaulted ceiling.  The main speakers: Bryston Model T's with two new subwoofers from Axiom Audio (A custom modified amplifier from Ian to test a new design in the EP800 and the other is the EP500).

The Parasound was used to bi-amp the Brystons with 400 watts going to each section of the speakers.  Frankly, it sounded very good but was running out of gas under heavy loads.  The Brystons love power and a lot of it.  So I decided to try out the Anthem M1 mono blocks as they can easily put out 2000 watts per channel continuous when wired with dedicated 240 V/15 amp mains, which I did.  I initially set them up on 120 volt mains, but did the work to get them full power.

My initial observations:  When I installed the M1's on 120 volt mains, they blew away the Parasound in all respects.  FAR more power, much more detailed in all frequency ranges and an amazing sound stage.  But when I went to 240 volt mains, yikes!!  It's like being at a live concert, the triple woofers in each Bryston T have almost as much low end output as my subs!  It was like adding in two more subs to the room.  I am hearing specific instruments which I didn't hear before.  I have no idea why anyone says that class D amps lack in the upper frequency ranges, NOPE, they are fabulous.  Plus the Anthem M1 does not use the ICE or any other off the shelf power module, they did a complete ground up proprietary design.  I think they got it right.  And I love the liquid cooling with copper heat pipes.
Speaking of, these amps never get over 95 degrees, they are only at a warm room temperature (summer temps).

If you like the Parasound Halo series amps, you'll really love the Anthem M1's, they are in a different league. They are so nice that I actually spent the weekend custom machining dual front handles which mount the amps stacked on top of each other with 1.25 inches of open space between for air flow and to hold the amps in a single space which is still more compact than the Parasound.  The M1's are so rugged with the heavy aluminum front and side plates (all bolted parts), that when I bolt them to the handles, the two amps are free suspended with no other support!

Very impressed, very.   And I really like that they only consume 2 watts when in standby and  33 watts when idle.   Again, as I say, there is minimal heat given off vs. the Parasound which could lightly fry an egg in a pan on it.

Pay no attention to the audio reviews; listen to these yourself and make your own decision; it was easy for me, these are keepers.