anthem m1 anyone own or here these yet; impression

anyone own or hear these yet.....what are your impressions?
HFN ran a review but the detail and comparisons were lacking.
It's ├╝ber powerful, compact and cool/cheap to run, but is this a true high end component? Ostensibly the class D PSU makes it cheaper to manufacture than a Torroid-based class A unit, but from a purist performance perspective, does it run with the big Bryston, Levinson, Halcro and Krell monos at a scant fraction of the cost? The idea of spending >$10K on monos that take more floor space than I have along my front channels, and expensively superheat my media room 24/7 irks me. The prospect of getting that performance level in amps that cost a fraction, run cool, need not run all the time and have a tiny footprint is truly tantalizing. I am waiting for in-depth listening reports from TAS, S-Pile or the like.
I found out that Rowland 301 600W monoblocks also have a switching class D power supply. It would seem someone else knows how to do this right. These are WAY more expensive though.

Competition-wise, I see the M1 going up against the Parasound Halo JC1. If they perform as well, (similar price), I like the cool, thin, no-warm-up class D aspect of the M1. I want to hear about comparisons though!
WOOHOO! Another class D reference monoblock contender: Bel Canto REF1000M. These are cheaper than the Anthems.