Anthem Int Amp 2 versus Unison, Primaluna, Cayin??

Anybody out there know the sonic difference(s) between the Anthem integrated amp 2 and the newer design tube integrateds such as the Unison, Primaluna, and/or the Cayin? I realize that the two latter ones are all tube design but I would appreciate it if someone could shed a light on my question as I am thinking of purchasing a used Anthem but am a little curious as to how it would stack up against the newer designs. Any input would be appreciated.
While I cannot speak to anything but the Anthem Int2 I will say with good tubes in the front end( Amperex 6922 PQ in my case) that it is an excellent amp for the price point.

Very smooth presentation, minimal solid state edge, nice bloom in the midrange while maintaining that firm bottom end solid state is noted for. Definitely has a more rounded tubey sound than solid state. Well built. Though not a powerhouse it drove 89-90dB speakers easily with all types of music.

The downside is that it is a big unit which I had trouble getting into my entertainment center. Also the remote works only the volume.