Anthem D2 or D2V


Has anyone really heard and seen both the Anthem D2 and the new D2V? Is there a noticible and discernable difference, especially in audio quality? Is it worth the extra money for the D2V?

Thanks for any help.
I would doubt there would be any general sound quality differences but, until I get the D2V, I cannot be certain. I believe that the significant differences are in the added features and connections as they are, fundamentally, the same machine.

D2V gives you decoding of lossless codecs via hdmi, also the arc is included which makes a significant sound difference in your room. The only other difference is the videoprocessor is different than earlier models i cannot say if there is much of an improvement. You can go with a D2 and alwas upgrade it if you want to down the road
New features like Dolby Volume for low volume listening will be able to be added to the D2v as they become available, but not the D2, according to Anthem Tech Support.

So far it doesn't sound like anything worth the difference in price between a good used D2 and a D2V.
the upgrade to the D2V is much more important if you have an older BD player that doesn't decode DTS-MA and Dolby TruHD to PCM. If you have a newer player, I would say the upgrade is not critical at all (as one who did it).
no matter what you get make sure it has the ARC kit the D2v it is standard the D2 some didn't come with it. That will be the bigest difference.