anthem d2 , b&k ref 70 or arcam

ok, I am upgrading my pre pro from my mcintosh mht200 to something else. I will use my mht to power the open chnls. just the center and my rears, my mains are powered by mcintosh 501. any thoughs on any of these pre pro would be great. I only care about vid and sound for movies, as I will not be using it for 2 chnls. I was also thinking of the new marantz but, I just cant seem to make my self pay money for a marantz product. my dvd player as of now is a esoteric dv60 but will also prob get a blue ray too. all thoughts are welcome. thank you for any help
If you really cared about owning a system of this level, you would want the same power for all of your channels. At least the Right, Left and Center should all have the same amplification. Your post doesn't make a lot of sense?
do you know what you are talking about, my left and right chnls are powered by mono blocks, 500w each, my center is bi amp for 300w. I have a very high lvl system now. I just wanted to upgrade my mht to something that takes the new formats. all my amps are mcintosh, thus the same. my preamp is a c2300.

the reason for this post is because my dealer does not carry anthem, it is a lower line. and the b&k was always behind in vid, the new arecam (they carry, is not out yet) So I just wanted peoples thoughts on the items that I never tested before. to see if I should invest time in demo them. try to follow along before you post. thank you
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do the room corrections really play a part?
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As you know, home theater SOTA is HDMI 1.3, 1080p and 5 or 7.1 using one of the lossless formats on bluray discs - as well as Audyssey MultiEQ.

The standards look like they will hold for a few years - if only because the software industry (ie the studios) have not even begun to take advantage of what is already possible and are unlikely to invest in supporting even newer standards in the near future. (For context, there is still considerable debate about consumer bluray adoption versus DVDs. And you can't even find a deep color title)

There is no doubt that the 9.8/9.9, and the equivalent units from Marantz and Denon are the "game changers" in HT right now. They are the kinds of highly complex, feature rich units that the Japanese have always led the world at building. I know they are fighting words but its hard to imagine that your short list can even come close at this point in time.

BTW Audyssey is a third party program sold to OEMs. It will continue to evolve by adding new features since that is the core of its business model. However what is already there is very, very good. Don't believe me, read Stereophile.
The Audyssey is a breakthrough feature you want.

Hey, you hate it you can always turn it off and tune the room using the 15 band EQ times 7 channels that's also built in. Or better yet, have a specialist come in and do the Pro setup (sort of ISF for your sound)

I have an Integra 9.8, and I use it as you plan to. I couldn't be more pleased. It replaced a B&K and the difference is profound - not just in the sound but especially in the GUI and the resulting ease of use. I strongly suggest that you download the user manuals and carefully look at how these units work - by virtue of their flexibility they are necessarily complex so ease of use is a very significant consideration.

The video using HDMI to a Pioneer from 4 different sources is absolutely pristine. Unless you are using legacy sources (VHS or laser disc) you are not going to use the built-in video processing. You don't need it for the BluRay or DirectTV. The Oppo is so good you will want to do the DVD upscaling there.

Sometime soon the new Oppo BD will be out with all the audio formats as well - another game changer.

Personally I would focus my search there.