anthem D2

I am confused whether the anthem D2 is out of date and is 'old' technology, or is it an amazing piece of equipment. The reviews that I see seem to be at both ends of the spectrum....any comments would be appreciated
The D2 is a solid pre/pro and one that is easy and reasonable to upgrade through Anthem. The latest D2v does all the new codecs and has dual active HDMI outputs with 8:2 HDMI switching.
You fling around labels but the truth is more subtle. If you want to know if the original D2 or the D2v is suitable for you, you have to ask more specifically.

I own a D2 and it is amazing and very well supported and there is an upgrade in the works to support latest HDMI and audio upgrades.

I have owned many high-end units and the D2 is very nice.
Kal, I have a sony blu ray disc player S300 and a Samsung 60 inch LED 66 (?) inch TV and Charter cable.....My speakers are all Paradigm, top of line including Servo 15.. I am 5.1 channel....I can pick up D2 with Arc for around 4200 vs. picking up D2v2 for, what, 7000-7500 ?....(I hear the upgrade costs 2000-2500)..I am wondering if the D2 w/o upgrade will be a disappointment because HDMI is outdated (maybe?)
The upgrade is $3000 as per Anthem. If the Sony Blu-ray does internal HD audio processing and can output LPCM over HDMI, then get the D2. I have not had a chance to compare HDMI 1.1 vs 1.3A.
I doubt if you will be disappointed. I used a D2 with ARC with a Paradigm setup and loved it. The only issue is whether your Sony player can decode TrueHD and dts MA to PCM. If so, you are OK.

I expect a D2v shortly so, until then, I cannot offer any comparisons.

I'm a D2 owner here.

It is a fantastic piece. I have no complaints, and would not even consider parting with it. ARC is awesome.

It works great with the new high def formats. Have your player output them in PCM, and you get the lossless formats delivered to your speakers.

The D2v can decode the lossless formats natively, so some people will of course want this.

Will it really sound any different/better? Is it worth another $2,500? Let's just say that I would hate to have to pick which is which in a blind test. Either way, the D2 is doing the DAC work. I'll bet they would be very tough to differentiate.
Thank you all.....and perhaps with a P5 ampifier ? what do you guys have with your D2's ?
"what do you guys have with your D2's"

I run an MCA 50 with mine, which is the older version of the A5. I think it's basically an A5 without the "statement" faceplate. I've got it hooked up on the 12v trigger, so when I power on the D2, it fires up the amp with it.

Rock solid 180WPC (all channels driven) 5 channel amp, that integrates perfectly with the D2 and my HT. Again, I have no complaints, and no desire to consider changing it.

The P5 would of course be another step up, as it's got more power, fully balanced, etc.