Anthem D1, Marantz Av7005 or McIntosh MX135 ???

I am very new to HT, changing out from 2 channel due to little use. I have B&W matrix 802s in front and 805s in back, Oppo 83 dvd and Naim cdx hdcd. Not looking to break the bank with all high tech stuff, sometimes i think it's splitting hairs - besides I could never keep up with $$$. What is the best choice between these units? Looking for quality audio too, so I will be looking for/ need advice on an amp to go along w/ the McIntosh unit. Many thanks for any input or direction, Mike
Don't you need amps for the other two, as well?

The Marantz is the only one of these three with all the mod-cons: HDMI, Audyssey, HD codecs, etc.

I am thinking its more between the Anthem D2 and either the A5 or if I get luckiy P5... OR
the McIntosh mx135 and a McIntosh mc205. I know the mx135 has no hdmi but i only use the oppo player and cable box which go direct to my pioneer elite.
Any suggestions for a better choice-thank you
Mlopardi, Not sure what you mean by Audio, are you talking audio for two channel or home theater. If it is two channel, I have never heard a surround processor sound better than a fair preamp. So if your goal is to combine the two I think you will be dissapointed. If you simply want decent audio for home theater, then there are several older processors that will give you good sound. Like Meridian 568 or 568.2, Krell 5.1, Proceed or McIntosh, I am not familiar with Anthem or Marantz.

If you want to keep the cost down I understand Marantz top of the line receiver is suppose to be good. You can save a lot of money on interconnects, separate amps and space.
I replaced a Krell HTS 5.1 with an AV7005. I'm primarily a 2 channel guy, but the rig has to do double duty. (source: Apple TV or cheap Sony bluray player, amp: Music Reference RM-10, speakers: Martin Logan Source, sub: Velodyne MiniVee)

I fed the Krell toslink, but the Marantz gets HDMI. I never fed either any high quality analog. I can say that I am at least as happy with the Marantz soundwise and drastically better in terms of function and ergos.

But the buy/sell happened so fast, I never got to do any good A/B comparisons. Then I changed speakers soon after. All I can say definitively is that I'm very happy with the Marantz and the sound is top to bottom great.

Oh, and BD in Dolby Master HD sounds dramatically better than CD. So I guess that tells you something about the resulution of the gear.