Anthem CD-1; Best Tube???

I just purchased an Anthem CD-1 from a fine gentleman on this site. It has a single Sovtek 6922 tube in the output stage. I would like to upgrade the tube and I'm looking for "detail" vs. "warmth". Any suggestions? The rest of my system consists of Soliloquy 6.3's and with an older Luxman providing amplification.
I own the modified Anthem CD1 (modified by Sonic Frontiers)and have played around with about 15 different tubes. My favorite tubes are Amerex PQ white labels, Siemens 7308, and Telefunken CCa's. Especially the Tele's. But if your looking for detail over warmth, then the Amperex Pq's, Siemens 7308's, or especially Siemens CCa's (old style in blue and yellow boxes)is what you are looking for. (All ridiculously expensive by the way. With prices starting at about $125 all the way to $300 per NOS tube) Incidently, if you can find a Taddeo Digital Antidote II (rare, but I've seen them used for about $350 on occasion) grab it. It will take your Anthem to the next level. This combo gives me about 90% of the performance of my Vecteur D2.2 transport and Kora Hermes dac. If you want to play around like I did then I can sell you about 8 different single tubes. All have less then 75 hours (I was tube rolling like mad, looking for THAT sound). The tube rolling will answer your own questions. In my collection are Mullard's, Sylvania's, Siemen's, Telefunken's and a few others. I'd have to check.....
Hope this helps
I have this superb cd player and the best tube after trying a mullard, sovtek and a amperex "bugle boy" from Holland. The amperex sounds amazing with a great soundstage, smooth bass and tingling treble. My system is the Anthem CD1, Audio Research LS1 tube pre, Audio Research VT100 all tube power amp into a pair of Klipschorns. Did you want to sell the cd player??