Anthem AVM50v with ARC $1800

Hello folks,

a local dealer is selling me this 2year old used unit for $1800. do you think its a good buy? the unit is in very good working condition, with no scratches or dings. i cant find used avm50v's for price comparison.

i have been debating over the d2v vs AMV50v. how much better is the d2v in audio over the avm50v, i cant find any d2v's for under 5k, and its a lot of money.

your help is appreciated.
At that price it's a no brainer. Used 50v's typically sell for around $3500. If you don't buy it, email me his # and I will. I own both the 50v and D2v. The D2v is slightly better sound wise, but the $3000 difference in price might not be justifiable for some people. For the extra cash you get better DAC's and a better power supply. Both units are excellent and ARC can do wonders to tame a unruly room.
I agree seems like a great deal.
Great deal. I just paid about $3200 for a used AVM50V less than a year ago and am quite happy with it.