Anthem AVM50V vs: Statement D2v

I'm can't seem to find in my search, anyone who has actually compared the two. The specs are very close, in fact my aging ears could probably not hear the difference, the50v weighs slightly more than the D2v although it's slightly smaller in the depth. I'm wondering if the differences are just in the quality of the components used? I think they use the same DACs, but I'm wondering what else there might be for the price difference.
Thanks for your any responses.
When I bougt my D2v I was told that the Statement was a higher quality product in components and build. I was also told that ARC was a higher level of flexability and adjustment. I downloaded noth manuals and compared, but it has been a about 10 months so I forget the diferences. You may want to do that and see what is gained by going with the Statement over the Anthem. You may want to call Anthem and ask they have been very helpful when ever I call.(905) 362-0958
I think you'll get a better answer there than from a dealer.
Theo, Thanks for the response. On further exploration of Anthems site I came across a page where they listed the AVM50, AVM50v and the D2v specifications side by side. The only differences in what was listed is that the D2v has 24/192 upsampling on all channels with any input, Premium ADC and DACs and Premium parts in the analog audio sections. Other than that, they were all the same. The only thing that doesn't make sense to me is that according to their specs, the AVM50v weighs about 3 lbs. more than the D2v even though it's slightly smaller in size. Go figure!
I saw that too. I can't figure other than someone weighed them on different scales.
I went through this same issue - heres the skinny after talking with Anthem direct:

The major diffrence between the D2v and the AVM-50v is the 24bit 192 KHz.

Neither are HDMI 1.4 certified. However, they say if you buy new prior to August 2011 (estimated certified HDMI 1.4 release date) they will send you the HDMI upgrade for free once released.

The D2v has multiple AD 1896 sample rate converters which upsample every channel of digital or analog-DSP input up to 192 kHz (including Dolby Digital and DTS-the D2v is the first pre/pro in the market to do this!) The DACs then do further 128x oversampling to raise the final sample rate to 24.576 MHz.


Video processing in both units are performed by a Sigma VXP processor

Feature set in both units exactly the same

If Two Channel Stereo or Audio in General isn't your #1 concern, go for the AVM-50v. Anthem states you will not hear much of a difference.
My understanding that in May of this year Anthem will be offering a 1.4 upgrade on al D2v's. I just haven't investigated enough as to if it will be a send in or a in field. And a cost hadn't been established at the time I spoke with them.
Yes I'm told the 1.4 upgrade from a 50 to 50v will be offered and priced between $400~$450...( not sure that fully applies to a D2 vs D2v) ....that is unless you bought one in the last month or so, I think the "free" upgrade to 1.4 option started as of March 1, 2011...but not real sure.