Anthem AVM20 vs Krell Showcase

I heard only great things about these two, I listened to Ahthem AVM30 and it sounded great.

How these two compare? I know these will sound great for movie, so for music? Which has better DAC for CD playing?
how about bass management? etc...

What would you get
Anthem AVM20 at $2100
Krell Showcase at $2500

I'm also considering Meridian 561, but one thing it lacks is balanced out, does it make much difference in sound?

What other would you consider at this price range?
I'm trying to decide between Anthem AVM 30 and Krell Showcase. I'm also stuck between JM Labs Micro Utopia Be and Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor. Here's what I hear: Krell sounds more lively and quick, almost warm and smooth. AVM sounds crisp and dry - supposedly more realistic. Technically, the AVM component has more versatility and upgradeability in terms of software and firmware. Krell makes an awesome product, but the Showcase series lack upgradeability, and technical versatility. Some question the ability of its room equalizer system. I have no idea what would be a better system to get. But that's what I know. Anybody with any comments?
I've had both these pre pros at my house at the same time. I easily chose the anthem. It was clearly more smooth then the krell. I like how the Anthem has the singers voices so centerly located compared to the krell. This was actually an easy disition to make as I only did compare the two of them in two channel mode. I remember the krell always clicking in and out of dolby digital and dolby souround as I flipped through the satellite. I would have to think this would be quite annoying.