Anthem AVM2 vs AVM20

What if you are not interested in 7.1, Would you just get the AVM2. Or does the AVM20 give you anything else extra?

Is the AVM2 better than the Classe?

As I understand it the AVM20 has far superior DAC's and other improtant incremental features than the AVM2. I have heard the 20 at the dealers and was very impressed with it.
I own the AVM2 and have not auditioned the AVM20. The AVM2 provides a good balance of sonic quality and AV performance for the money (I bought a pre-owned unit for < $1,500). I'd say look at the quality of the balance of your system to decide whether spending the additional cash is worth the added performance. If your system will discriminate and reveal this difference, then feel free to move up. You can also bypass the AVM2's DACs by using the analog inputs.
The AVM20 is very upgradeable and you may not be interested in 7.1 now but if you experince it you may change your mind. I know I did. The AVM20 is a more versatile piece and with the v2.xx you get THX Ultra2 which is very nice indeed. The AVM2 is still a nice piece but the AVM20 will not leave you wondering if you should have gone with a better unit.