Anthem AVM2 or B K Reference 30

Can anybody share their experiences with any of this two pre/pros. I'm more interested with their Home Theater performance and upgradability (DVD-AUDIO,24/192). I don't care much about their two channel performance as I have a seperate system for that. Every input is appreciated.
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Well, I have not heard the Anthem AVM2, but I own a Ref 20 and listen to a Ref 30 the other day, and B&K did a lot of things right with the Ref 30. And it is 1 hell of a performer. Now I do know the Ref 30 is a total new redesign, so upgradability should not be a issue, as it is with the Ref20.
I have an AVM2 on the way. I was able to demo the unit with some B&W N803's which I will be acquiring in the near future. I was extremely pleased with the sound. I considered the B&K but was very concerned about reports of a popping noise when changing inputs. One of my friends has the Ref 20 and has this problem. I also encountered this problem during a demo of the B&K AVR307 which is essentially a Ref 30 and amp in the same box. I know I would find this very bothersome. However, I do believe that the B&K has better bass management capabilities. I would strongly suggest listening to both units (if at all possible).

Good Luck
I have a B&K 3090 processer (the predecessor to the REF 20)
It does lose the digital lock if I pause an AC3 or DTS DVD for more than 30 seconds.. Then it does pop when I resume the disc. This only happens when the display defaults to PRO-Logic. I have learned to turn down the volume when I pause the disc for more than 30 seconds.
I don't know if this annoyance has been cleared up on the REF 30, if it has, I want one! The bass management is much more sophisticated in the REF 30! It is essentially a multiple frequency bass notch filter now, allowing you to adjust for bass bumps in your room.
I have the AVM2. It is fantastic! It is connected to Paradigm Referance Active 40s, center, surrounds and 15" sub. This combination is the best home theater I have ever heard and is also great for music only. You can select the inviroment you want to listen in: none, club, theater, church, stadium etc.
Thanks a lot for the response guys.
I was told that the popping noise on the B&K ref 20 was on the earlier versions only. I made my decision and ordered the Reference 30, the base management and the ability to upgrade sealed my decision.
You won’t be disappointed with your purchase. I have owned the Ref 30 for over 3 months now it is a fantastic sounding processor. BTW, there is no popping noise. My only comment, make sure the Ref 30 have plenty of breathing room because it tends to get warm. Well at least down here in Florida :>)