Anthem AVM 60 vs McIntosh MX 122

I realize these are older versions but I’m trying to save more money for great speakers. Considering MagiCos A-5 or Focal Sopra 3 or Wilson Sophia’s- anyway surround processor Anthem 60 ( which meets my needs for 7.2) vs McIntosh MX-122 both having Bluetooth/ 7.2 or better- and both great in just stereo capabilities which would you choose and why? I did also look at the NAD M17 all in the same price range $5k or less. Room is 13x16 surround speakers are B&Ws in walls running Oppo 105d for music and  a SACD along with Blueray disk. Mostly watch movies. I will need power amp ideas as well. Thanks for your help everyone! 


If you buy McIntosh, you get those nice blue meters.  Otherwise, I would go Anthem 

I’m also considering having these options—wondering about the AVM 60 vs 70–most concerned about SQ

I just upgraded from an Anthem AVM 50 pure processor with my Luxman and 3 outboard monoblocks to MRX 540 receiver. I'm using built in for center/surround and outputting line level to my Luxman.

The cost of a new AVM processor is pretty steep so I ended up compromising.

My honest advice is that the jump in sound quality and, with tweaking, the ARC you are much better off going with MRX and getting all the modern HDMI/audio goodies than you would be sticking with an AVM 60.

The negatives are that there is no built in Roon support and who knows if it ever really arrives, and no USB input either.

Seriously, it is not even close to a debate for me anymore.  If I could not afford the latest processor I'd jump on a new MRX long before I got a previous generation processor.

Thanks Erik_squires really apricate you thoughts and everyone else's. Isn't the  

MRX only a 5 channel- as I need 7.2 channel plus 2nd zone.

The MRX 540 is 5 channel, with 7.2 outs

The MRX 740 is 7 channel with 11.2 outs

They are nearly identical features except for re-configurable speaker terminals are only at the 740 and above, as well as different power outputs depending on the model.


We are anthem and nad dealers

The m17 sounds way better then the older avm 60

Also the bluesound streaming is fantastic and


Add in completely modular and upgradable infrastructure


That should make the nad very apealing