Anthem AVM 60 vs Classe SSP 800

If this has been discussed already my apologies as I could not find the information I am looking for. I am looking to replace my Cary 11 which is going south with more than one issue. Sound quality is paramount. I could care less about any video capabilities as my Oppo  takes care of that. Also 5.1 is sufficient as I like to listen to 5.1 SACD’s. I do have amplification as well as speakers for 7.1 if I want to do it. The Classe is dated but it is renowned for its sound quality. How does the AVM 60 compare to the Classe in sound quality? For the price of a used Classe I could purchase a new Anthem unit. Also I have heard that Classe has unfortunately had some ups and downs so are they still supporting their older gear? Either unit would only be used for Surround Sound as I have a separate two channel system .

I have a 2.2 system. I recently replaced a Classé CP-800 with an Anthem STR preamp, and I like it a lot. The automated DSP is far quicker to set up than the Classé's manual PEQ. Although it is slightly less flexible, it is more powerful, and to my ears more transparent. On balance, I prefer the sound in my system with the Anthem.

If you're thinking of a new AVM 60, you probably could find it online with a trial period. Listening in your own system is the approach I'd recommend.
Have you thought of the MRX 520 ?? Same preamp, but no balanced out.
Thanks Mike & Erik for your responses. Mike you provided exactly the information I was looking for. Erik I want to stay with separates even though the MRX 520 is a good buy. Larry 
I replaced my Classe SSP800 with a Lyngdorf MP50.   I love the Lyngdorf room correction and neutral presentation for movies; however, I truly miss my SSP800.  What a wonderfully musical processor.  I feel it was able to pull me in to movies better than the Lyngdorf due to its ability play the music scores so much better.

My vote would be the SSP800.