Anthem AVM 20 vs AMV 30

Beside the new Statement series, I heard AVM 30 came out (probably replacement for AVM 20) from Anthem

Anybody has anything to say about AVM 30?

I was going to buy AMV 20 and now there's AVM 30...
so, should I look for bargain AVM 20 or is AVM 30 worth the extra $$$

I saw MSRP of $29000 for AMV 30 which is a bit too much for me...
I'd like to make a response here...
I noticed nobody is responding regarding the Anthem pre's.
I've been wondering what the AVM's REALLY SOUND LIKE! I hear very little feedback or solid reviews or "media push" or responses on them from reviewers. This concerns me.
I've only briefly heard the AVM2 once, on a very poorly set up system, and it sounded BLAH!
I'd like to think these pieces offer some sonic "goodies". But I just don't hear anyone harping about these!
Anyone have any extensive feedback on these compared to other better pre's out there? the krell's, maybe EAD's, etc? I just don't know about these unit's, which otherwise have some good looking features, and APPEAR to be more "audiphile grade" sonically...but couldn't say myself.
I want to add that the avm20 is an awesome piece. I am a total cheap head and have NEVER spent anything like this for a piece but after auditioning, the anthem is a clear winner. What made me check it out was just the fact that I did see a ton of good things about it. At first its not the best looking piece ever made and never heard of the name anthem before looking at processors so I was a bit biased to want nothing to do with it. I am glad i did!

What did I try you ask! Being I did not want to go much over $3,200 I did not try the big boys like Theata and such, But did try B&K 50, which in two channel was a joke to the anthem. Also a joke to the anthem was the was rotel 1068 though in fairness to rotel this piece is only $$1,800. The krell showcase ($4,000) which I had for a month was the closest to the anthem. In sound it was not nearly as sweet in two channel. The anthem was smoother and also remember the Krell not as localized with the singers voice. Sometimes when the anthem was playing I thought that my center channel was on.

If you go for the avm20 make sure its the latest one. I bought mine this April, so it has the latest board which will allow me to get the "x" for prologic2 when its available to download. Ask if you need to know how to find out if its the latest board. I'm glad to have the 20 because I have seen this piece in both black and silver and though black can be fine, I really think it does no justice for this piece and I believe the 30 is only in black??? The silver looks awesome with this piece and is worth having the latest avm20 for!
They will pry my AVM20 from my cold dead hands. I might sell it as a last resort to keep from loosing the house. I just realized I will still need music when I'm living under the Boardwalk; screw the house.
I've heard the Anthem stuff, and was less impressed than with my previous Sim Audio Attraction (uses EAD digital internals). I would definitely go with and EAD product over the Anthem, HOWEVER, I have not thoroughly auditioned the new Statement series, which may be an improvement...
Well, following is what I could find...
Seems like nothing major is different...
I'll probably try to find bargain AVM20 at this point...


Ripped from ( :

"Mississauga, ON, July 26, 2004: Anthem Electronics has announced the debut of the AVN 30 preamp/processor/tuner, built on the same platform as the AVM 20, but offering double the number of component video inputs and outputs, and new aesthetics, including a finer-grained brushed metal front panel with blue vacuum fluorescent front-panel display, and blue and red LEDs.

Like its predecessor, the AVM 30 is a preamplifier, digital-to-analog (DAC) and analog-to-digital (DAC) converter, surround-sound processor (SSP), HDTV video switcher, multi-room/whole-house entertainment control centre, AM/FM tuner, and headphone preamplifier.

The AVM 30’s whole home focus makes it possible to direct and select audio and video program material throughout the home. The 12-volt trigger options allow users to automate as much of their system as they choose. A system can operate in four separate areas of a home simultaneously; and any source can play in any of the four paths, allowing users to watch one source while listening to another. This pre/pro can also operate two complete 7.1 home theatre systems playing concurrently.

The Main Path, Anthem notes, provides video and multichannel audio for the main music and home theatre room. Zone 2 and 3 paths provide two component video outputs and two-channel audio outputs with volume, bass, treble, and balance controls operating independently of the Main Path, and of each other. The fourth path, Record, provides video, two-channel analog-audio and digital-audio record outputs, selectable by source. With the addition of an external preamplifier or receiver, the Record Path can be used as a fourth independent audio/video zone.

Like the ’20, the AVM 30 features Anthem’s precision Digital Signal Processing design, and uses the Motorola 56367 DSP chip. It heads a full slate of surround-sound decoding, a package that includes the Company’s own Anthem-Logic Music and Anthem Logic-Cinema, Dilby Pro Logic II, Dolby EX, DTS Neo: 6, EX Matrix, ES Discrete, and THX Ultra2/THX Surround EX with four optional modes. Dolby Pro Logic IIx software will also soon be available as a free download from Anthem’s Website (

The AVM design also includes THX Audio Setup, allowing consumers to adjust rear-speaker delay in a 7.1 setup; and a Boundary Gain Compensation features that Anthem claims to improve bass balance in rooms where subwoofer placement causes a “boomy” bass, and disables Re-EQ when THX is on.

According to Anthem, the increase to one-Mbit memory on the motherboard in the AVM 30 provides double the memory for storing code for the DSP, and provides flexibility for any future software upgrades.

The AVM 30 is currently available in Canada for a retail price of $3,999.

For more information, contact Paradigm Electronics Inc., 205 Annagem Blvd., Mississauga, ON L5T 2V1; (905) 564-1994."

And for the ones that have not seen it, here it goes ! :p
So, you get more component inputs (needed), more memory for future upgrades, and different color LEDs. Well if you only have one or two component sources, pick up a used AVM2 or 20 and take the extra cash and treat yourself to a weekend at DisneyLand.

Good luck,
I agree with Prpixel. I have have owned the AVM-20 for almost two years now. I would not sell this unit unless there was an emergency. The sound just keeps getting better and better over time....two channel analog direct/or digital and HT. I would highly recommend the AVM-20 if there is a cost savings involved in regards to choosing between the 30 versus the 20.

Good luck on your choice.
Ok, Ok...someone point me to some links to some REAL REVIEWS BY PROFESSIONAL REVIEWERS!
yeah I know it's sometimes not accurate, and often biased. yet I'd really like to here some real reviews for myself.
Then I'll try to hunt down a deal with one of these things setup and see if I can make anything of it.
Personally, I'd like to think the AVM20/30 whatever is killer! It looks like a good piece, and has lots of features...and comes from a company with a history(old SF) of good gear originally. Hummmm..maybe I'll call Paradigm and ask em who's dealing Anthem in my area, and who's got one set up for demo'ing. reviews it in their August, 2004 issue:
It is now 2008, I have a Anthem avm 30 after owning ayre acoustics v-5xe,k-5,cx-7 2 channel system. The Anthem does everything the Ayre did and has changed my mind about cost no object stuff. It doesnt get any better then this other then different tonal qaulities someone may prefer to the next person, and interconnects and cables will do this at a very cost effective price.
This looks like a very old thread. If it is any help to others - I am still quite pleased with my really old AVM20 - terrific functionality better than anything else, IMHO.

Only drawback is that I found it benefitted slightly from power conditioning (the only component I have that does) - however I have an Apple Mac Mini plugged into the same set of wall outlets as the system - so the switched mode power supply for this PC could very well be the culprit. I also migrated to this mere DSP HT multi-channel preamp as a source from other much higher end (but limited functionality) dedicated sources such as high end CD player and high end analog preamp. I use the DAC in the AVM20 to feed everything else. I did not look back.

My philosophy is similar to this (see Steps to Great Sound) and my observations are similar this (See Blind Listening tests).

Perhaps I am lucky to have tin ears!
yes, power conditioning helped the Sim Audio Attraction as well- agreed on that, especially with all the digital hash that processors must be generating? I used an Ensemble Isolink transformer-based conditioner recommended for digital and it worked great...